About us

About the company

Technoinject is a company specialized in the field of geotechnical and hydrotechnical construction.

The company offers a wide range of consulting and engineering services in the field of strengthen, injection and foundation activities.

The main focus of the company is concentrated on the continuous introduction of innovations, the successful accumulation of know-how and value-added engineering.

All projects are executed in relatively short timeframes, and for better economic efficiency, it is possible to create alternative solutions compliant to the project.

Technoinject accepts every challenge - from the consultation stage, through the construction process, to the proper finalization of the project. 

About the team

Technoinject employs engineers with extensive experience in the strengthening of deep excavations, building foundation, construction of ports and hydrotechnical facilities, strengthening of landslides, slope collapses, etc.

Their years of experience in the field is combined with the interest of the investors, the professional liability of the company and the requirements of the legal framework.

To maintain the high quality of its services, the company is constantly investing in increasing the qualifications of their employees. The company strictly applies all requirements for safe and healthy working conditions and develops a productive working atmosphere.


Technoinject - geotechnical and hydrotechnical construction
11 Andrey Germanov str.,
1360 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Germany, Munich 680807, Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Straße, S26

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